compassionate, non-judgemental help

Struggling with clutter? Feeling frustrated with being unorganized? Unable to find everyday objects? Need to downsize but don’t know what to keep and what to let go of? Feeling overwhelmed with where to start?

non-judgemental passion

Wife, mother and over 30 years of experience organizing, Julie’s seen a lot! We know how it happened & we know how to help.

moving &/or downsizing

Whether you’re moving across San Diego or to another state, Julie can help you cull your household items down to what you need, use and love.

tips & tricks

Already organized & want to step it up? Julie can offer a fresh perspective and share some of her favorite organizing tips & tricks.

I want my clients to WANT to be in their spaces; to FEEL GOOD about being there. only have what they truly want, use and love and to be able to FIND all those things instantly.

- julie hegeman, founder

about julie

“I remember the first time I organized for someone else: my high school french teacher. I was hanging out in her office (which she allowed us to do back in the day) and as usual, her desk was piled high with papers, books, soda cans, office supplies, an ashtray- you get the idea. (I honestly don’t know how she got any work done there.) Anyway, I asked as she departed for a meeting if I could organize her desk. She gave me a shrug-like permission and left. I don’t remember much about how I decluttered or organized but I absolutely remember her reaction when she returned: astonishment; as if she were in the wrong room! And even clearer in my memory is how I felt watching her react: joy, pride, a sense of accomplishment; like finding & giving someone the perfect gift.

“I never tire of seeing clients react to their organized space for the first time; as if they’ve never seen it before or its potential.

“I didn’t realize it then but I do now - organizing and helping people organize is my passion & I’m so grateful to be able to work it.”

- julie hegeman, founder

~licensed & insured

recycle it!

Check out this handy guide that illustrates which items go into the Recycling, Trash and Green Recycling bins. (Your local area may differ.) Ask if you have questions!

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Call or text today to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation. Julie will assess your space and help you create a plan to feel more at home. Order peace and calm for your personal space today.

Photo Gallery

*all pictures taken and used with permission.

move-in & unpack

organizing for the future

straight up organizing

tucking: before

tucking: after

let julie help you

Call or text today to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation. Julie will assess your space and help you create a plan to feel more at home. Order peace and calm for your personal space today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions I'm asked all the time!

Do you work with hoarders?

I work with people who have hoarding tendencies or collectors as I like to call them. Since I’m a sole proprietor, it wouldn’t be appropriate to take on a whole house situation like you’d see on TV.

How do I know what to let go of?

This will be different for each person. Duplicates of an item is a good place to start but again, each situation is unique. Say we find 5 staplers in your condo - I would suggest letting go of at least 3, possibly 4, until I learn that once a week a few friends come over and help you staple papers together for a local nonprofit. It’s all about how you function in your space. There’s no right or wrong answer!

What do I do with all these things that I’ve let go of?

I’m environmentally conscious so if I can keep things out of the landfill I will: donate, recycle, community give-backs, e-waste, hazardous waste, returns to friends/stores/relatives, etc, I will help you with all of this.

How do YOU organize things in YOUR home?

As you might imagine I have my ways of doing things. I’m full of suggestions, opinions and ideas but at the end of the day, organization in your home has to make sense to you; it’s always about you! Assessing how you live in a space and the items you use frequently vs the items that you rarely touch helps me create a plan that’s functional as well as sustainable.

Do I need to purchase anything before you come?

No. In most cases, decluttering is the first step. Clients get excited about the organizing part of this process and trust me- so do I, but there’s no need spending money on systems, containers, etc for items that may not live in your home anymore. It’ll be a better use of your money to buy organizational tools when you’re left with only those items that you use, need and love.

Additional Questions

Is there anything I can do before you arrive (to make the process easier)?

Yes. I ask clients to gather bins of various sizes that they have around their home: boxes, laundry baskets, paper and plastic bags...anything that can hold stuff. We’ll use those to temporarily sort and categorize.

Do I need to prioritize what I need help with?

This step is helpful but not necessary. If there’s an area in your home that’s just not working, it might make sense to start there- totally up to you.

let julie help you

Call or text today to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation. Julie will assess your space and help you create a plan to feel more at home. Order peace and calm for your personal space today.

Client Reviews

Julie is AMAZING!! She is so comfortable to work with and helps me not only organize my stuff, but my thoughts about it as well. Working with her is a pleasure. She has such a pleasant demeanor and is not judgmental in any way. Sometimes letting someone into your space can be a scary thing, but having her help me is so freeing. Truly!

- Jodie Van Ness, Realtor®

Julie has helped lift a huge weight from my shoulders. My space is decluttered and organized and I'm honestly sleeping better at night because of it. Working with her was fantastic! She broke down the process into doable segments and was an efficient director of focus and helper. Whenever I was having trouble deciding what to keep and what to throw away/donate, she had a very sensible and sensitive way of looking at things (literally, things).

Clutter can seem so overwhelming. Julie has honestly made my life better by sorting it out. She's an amazing, lovely woman who I truly believe can help improve anyone's quality of life.

- Gaia Golan

Julie’s company helped my Dad complete the de-cluttering and final cleanup before the closing of his home of 30 years. A CLEANER SPACE filled in where the 4 children were not available to assist. Thank you! - I will be your reference anytime anywhere. Awesome job!

- McBride family

Julie is effective, efficient and Fun! I didn't realize how hard it would be to declutter and also get through so much paper from my office. She has helped me with every room in my house, including my home office. She is so pleasant and makes the whole process just lovely. The results are stunning and calming. Do yourself a favor and hire Julie!

- Renee Carroll

Julie did a tremendous job helping me get organized. Countless times I have run late for meetings/appointments/work because I couldn't find what I needed or had to rifle through endless piles of stuff to get what I was looking for. Whether it be important documents, a particular pair of shoes or something as simple as toothpaste, I wasted so much time looking for what I need. Fed up, tired of wasting time and living in chaos, I called upon Julie for help... and help she did! Not only did she help me get my space clean and organized, she made the process exciting and enjoyable! She uncovered items I had completely forgotten about, encouraged me to go through a stack of paperwork I had been avoiding, helped me create a decent donation pile, and cleaned and organized everything I chose to keep. My space is now completely organized and everything has a place, making it easer for me to keep it clean in the future. I feel like a weight has been off my shoulders and now when I enter those spaces I no longer feel overwhelmed and anxious because of the disorganization. I seriously feel lighter!

I highly recommend Julie and her services. She knows what she's doing, doesn't pressure you to get rid of anything you don't want to, is prepared, professional and a pleasure to work with.

- Jennifer Axford, R.D.

I recently hired Julie to help organize my sad, sad garage. She is easy and fun to work with, is on time, diligent, and creative. And the best part is she got me to part with stuff I have been moving around for far too long. There is now a place for everything AND space! I'm happy and would recommend Julie without reservation to anyone with organizational challenges. Isn't that pretty much everyone?

- Kathleen Downs

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!! You are the Space Whisperer! Pure genius... and such a pleasure to work with! You have just the right personality for assisting people in dealing with clutter. You are calm and comfortable to work with, as well as being highly efficient and effective. You also have a way of teaching systems and strategies which provide your clients with a valuable residual benefit! I highly recommend you to anyone desiring help in dealing with "too much stuff!"

As to the specifics of what you did for us, you helped us purge, sort and pack when we were selling our house and downsizing. I absolutely cannot imaging what a nightmare that would have been without your incredible assistance every step of the way. I tell everyone how amazing you made that experience for us and how great it was to unpack on the other end with everything in such good order !! Thanks a MILLION, Julie!!!!!

- Barb Grey

I really can't leave a review adequate to describe how positive of an experience I had working with Julie. If you are looking for someone to help you with organizing she is simply the best. She's reliable, super hardworking, pleasant to be around, non-judgmental, not pushy, reasonably priced--all of the things you really need in an organizer.

I initially found her by purchasing a silent auction item she had donated (yep, she's the kind of person who donates her time to help good causes). Since then I've probably worked with her for eight extra sessions and she's helped me get my life in order!! I'm a mom to two young kiddos and we moved into our home when my oldest was only a few weeks old. So I had a lot of catching up to do and old boxes to go through. Julie helped me to make order out of the chaos. She has great practical ideas also to help you make a sustainable change and rearrange things in a way that make sense for you and your life.

To me, one thing that sets Julie apart is her insane work ethic. I honestly don't know how she does it. She was able to accomplish so much during our sessions that it really made it feel worth it and like a good investment. She barely takes a break to take a sip of water! She just. Keeps. Working!

- Lisa M

let julie help you

Call or text today to schedule a no-obligation, free consultation. Julie will assess your space and help you create a plan to feel more at home. Order peace and calm for your personal space today.